Sophie Turner believes the culprit of the sensational mistakes of Keith Harrington, who played the role of John Snow.

 Actress Sophie Turner, who played Sansu Stark in the Game of Thrones , called the new culprit in the appearance of a paper cup of coffee in one of the series’s final season series. About this on Friday, June 7, told the tabloid Daily Mail . On TV show Conan O’Brien, she pointed to Keith Harrington as the culprit in the incident. “Keith is lazy, and I think that it was he who did it,” the actress noted, stressing that she hears about this coffee cup more than about the final season. According to Turner, the glass was next to the Harrington chair. “At first I blamed Emilia (Clark, the performer of the role of Deieris Targaryen), but I don’t think it was her. Keith moved, and at that moment that picture was taken. Therefore, it looks like it’s my place at the table, but I’m it was not. It was Keith. It was one hundred percent he was, “said Turner.

Recall, viewers noticed a cup of coffee in the fourth series of the eighth season during the scene of the feast at Winterfell Castle. On the stills that appeared on the network after the series was released, he stood on the table in front of Daenerys. Other participants in the scene at this time drank wine from the horns and cups.