Actress Sandra Oh (47) will never be featured in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ again. That’s what the actress herself said. She was seen in the hospital series for ten seasons as Dr. Christina Yang.

“You keep asking me that question,” Sandra Oh said when asked if she would ever return to “Grey’s Anatomy.” “Look, creatively I have moved on with my life. I know and appreciate that the fans love Christina very much and that the show keeps Cristina alive, but for me “Killing Eve” (her current TV show, ed.) Is now my home, “she continued. “This is where I am. I’m Eve and I plan to stay here as long as the show allows. And that’s the only place I want to be. “

So bad news for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans, although Oh’s answer is not entirely surprising. Already in 2017 the actress said that the chances that she would return to the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital were very small. “I do not know. It should feel right. “