Samuel L. Jackson does not care if fans turn against him because he expresses himself politically. The actor does not hide that he is not a fan of President Donald Trump and receives serious criticism.

“I know there are enough bastards who hate me. They shout,” I’ll never go to a Sam Jackson movie again. ” What makes me out? If you never go to my films, I lose any money by it. I have all my money in, “the septuagenarian actor talks to Esquire .

Fans are calling on social media that Jackson should interfere with acting and not with political issues. “No, jerk. I’m human and I have feelings. Things touch me, because if we don’t have good health care and my family gets sick, they will call me to pay for everything.”

“I want my family to take care of themselves. That’s how I feel. And I regularly count to a hundred before I throw something into the world because I know how people react,” Jackson says.