The actress revealed interesting facts about herself.

Salma Hayek, 54, regularly talks about her love of animals, and her appearance in the new episode of the show with Stephen Colbert was no exception. On the air, the actress admitted that three pets live with her in London – two dogs and an owl.

“Do you study at Hogwarts?” – Asked the shocked presenter, noticing in one of the photos an owl named Kering, sitting on Hayek’s shoulder.

According to Salma, at some point she became simply obsessed with owls and dreamed of having a poultry. After she studied the law, she found out that keeping owls at home in London is quite legal. Therefore, the actress found out if some rescued bird needed a home, and then she found Kering.

But she does not approve of all the habits of a predator. Stephen showed another shot of the actress with the owl, when the animal was eating a mouse. Salma admitted that this habit seems “disgusting” to her.

“Sometimes they bring you gifts you don’t know what to do with,” said the artist.

She also said that her owl sometimes sleeps with her in the room at night, although owls in nature are awake at dusk. Salma explained that Kering does not need liquid, but there is one type of wine that the bird cannot resist. Therefore, the inhabitants of the house have to cover glasses with lids.