Salma Hayek published a mini album with a baby owl that could be her new pet, and some of her followers were delighted with the tender photographs, while others criticized her strongly.

In the publication appears the actress with a casual look in a living room. Salma is sitting on a cushion while kissing the little gray bird that is in her arms.

However, also in the social profile you can read negative messages that the haters of the artist left you, “Somewhere there is an owl exploited, every time your body allows it to have offspring and ignorant people like you buy and take them out of its habitat, “said pjsd22 , expert_innato said,” Bad, bad, bad, oh, countrywoman! ” and marilucampa392 indicated, “It’s bad to have them as pets.”

So far it is unknown if the animal’s stay in Salma’s house is temporarily or effectively the family’s new pet.