Actress Salma Hayek and billionaire Francois Henri Pinault married in 2009 on Valentine’s Day in Paris and a month later in Venice. Spouses have a daughter Valentine

Summer comes to an end and my best time was when my husband surprised me with the renewal of the vow, Salma Hayek (51) praised the social network. The actress discovered that her husband, the French billionaire and the owner of the fashion empire ‘Kering’,  Francois Henri Pinault  (56) surprised while on vacation on the island of Bor Bor. 


“I would not dress it for my wedding, but they told me to go to the spa,” Salma explained to her choice of red dress. The actress also published an interesting photo and asked fans if she could explain to her what was the air of colored light that appeared in the sky. 


– Positive vibration. God protects your love – commented the fans. Hayek pointed out that there was no mariachi band on the island that would merge on the wedding, but that’s why her husband found the man who formed the band and played several instruments. 


Salma and Francois were married in 2009 on Valentine’s Day in Paris and a month later in Venice. Spouses have a daughter Valentine (10) and Pinault in the last marriage of Dorothee Lepere received the son of Francois (20) and daughter of Mathilde (17). The billionaire also has a son Augustine (11) with a former girl model Linda Evangelist (53). 

– I’m married to a real man. That is probably the most important thing. We support each other in everything we do. We want that other person to rise higher. And you know, we do not have a very strong social life because we really love spending time together – Salma said about her relationship with her husband.