Actors Sally Field and Bill Pullman play for the first time in a play at London’s West End. They can be seen in a new production of All My Sons by playwright Arthur Miller.


The actors play the couple Kate and Joe Keller, an American couple with two sons and a successful company, writes Variety. When someone suddenly turns up from their past, long-kept secrets emerge and their successful life seems to fall apart.

All My Sons was first brought on the scene in 1947 and the story was also filmed.

On Broadway in New York, Field and Pullman were seen in the same piece before, although they did not play in production at the same time. They then played a role in The Goat, or Who is Sylvia and this piece won a Tony Award for best play.

Field was on stage most recently seen in The Glass Menagerie on Broadway and played on the screen in Lincoln and Forrest Gump. Pullman is known for films such as Independence Day and While You Were Sleeping .