A striking mood today in the Rotterdam city council. The representatives of the people were allowed to consider a motion stating that Madonna will be banned from the Maasstad during the Songfestival. There was only one person who voted in favor: Maurice Meeuwissen of the PVV, who also submitted it.

Madonna came under fire after the last Songfestival. Her performance during the song festival was far from pure. That is why Dutch score giver Emma Wortelboer sighed live during the festival under the watchful eye of the whole of Europe: “Thank god for Madonna’s autotune.” However, 
that is not the reason why the college is asked to exclude Madonna. The Queen of Pop also wore a Palestinian flag during the festival. 

According to Meeuwissen, the singer is therefore too great a risk for public order and safety. However, the council did not agree with his proposal at all. The motion was voted down by a large majority and Meeuwissen was even the only one to vote for his own proposal.