Actress Rose McGowan has distanced himself from Asia Argento in a letter. The Italian actress, who is accused of sexual abuse, must, according to McGowan, behave as she would have liked to see at Harvey Weinstein.


It is McGowan’s first reaction to the allegations to Argento’s address. The two actresses had become friends because they did a lot for the # metoo movement. Both actresses accuse film producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse.

McGowan says in the letter that he has nothing to do with the possible abuse of Argento. “I am not complicit because we are friends.”

The letter states that the person to whom McGowan has a relationship has transferred messages from Argento to the police. Amongst other things, these reports state that Jimmy Bennett, who accuses Argento of abuse, has been sending nude photos to the actress since he was 12 years old.

McGowan writes that she is sad about losing a friendship, but that it falls into nothing compared with the situation of Bennett. 

In the last part of her letter, she turns to Argento. “You were my girlfriend and I loved you, you put a lot on the line for the # metoo movement, be the person you would like Harvey Weinstein to have been.”