Rosa Salazar and Jennifer Connelly at the premiere of the film “Alita: The Fighting Angel” in London


In London, the premiere of the new film by Robert Rodriguez “Alita: Fighting Angel”. The main roles of the red carpet were the 33-year-old Rosa Salazar and the 48-year-old Jennifer Connelly.

The company of actresses was Christoph Waltz, Kin Johnson, screenwriter and producer of the project James Cameron, the author of the manuscript manga, Yukito Kisiro, and, of course, director Robert Rodriguez himself. Unfortunately, the premiere could not be attended by Mahershala Ali, Ed Scrain and Michelle Rodriguez, who also played in a fantastic action movie.

Due to the delayed work on special effects, the premiere of “Alita” was postponed twice, first from July to December, and then from December to February. In the Russian rental tape will be released February 14. In the center of the plot is a broken cyborg girl (Rosa Salazar), which Dr. Ido (Christoph Waltz), a robot assembly specialist, finds at the dump. He repairs the main character, names her Alita and sends her to the dangerous world in search of lost memories.

Film critics have already managed to crush “Alita”: on Rotten Tomatoes, the film’s rating is extremely low 40%.