Not so long ago, the legendary actor Robert Redford said that the new film “The Old Man and the Rifle” will be his last as an actor for him. The statement, however, turned out to be somewhat premature: after seeing what a stir arose after his statement, Robert Redford … took his words back.

At the premiere of a picture in New York in an interview with Variety on the question of whether or not he is completing an acting career, Robert admitted: “It was a mistake. I should not have said it at all. ”

Apparently, to say goodbye to the legendary actor, his fans began prematurely:

“If I’m going to retire, I just need to quietly move away from the acting profession, and not talk about it – because, as I now understand, it attracts too much” wrong “attention. Now I want to focus on this film and its actors. ”

The journalists, however, were not satisfied with this and once again asked Redford whether the “Old Man and the Rifle” is his last film – or is it no longer there? The actor, however, did not yield to the provocation and confined himself to diplomatic “I will not answer this question.” “We’ll keep the intrigue,” Redford added with a laugh.

Trailer of the painting “The Old Man and the Gun”: