The famous actor presented Tuesday his new organization that must save the planet in ten years through advanced technologies.

Robert Downey Jr .  really takes for Tony Stark. The actor who plays Iron Man in the Marvel cinematographic universe, has a solution to save the world. The Hollywood star announced Tuesday at the Amazon Re: March event in Las Vegas the April 2020 launch of  The Footprint Coalition, an organization that will use cutting-edge technologies for the good of the environment and save the planet.

“Between robotics and nanotechnology, we can clean up, if not completely, the planet in ten years,” said the actor, who said he received confidential information on the subject a few weeks ago. “I love experts,” he amused himself. “They are like Wikipedia, but with character disorders.” The actor did not specify how his organization would achieve his goal:

“I will dedicate the next months to mount this project and gather around me the most intelligent people,” added the comedian. “In 11 years, when I’m 65 years old, if we’ve reduced this dangerous threat to our future and the mess we’re leaving behind, I’ll come back and organize the most tasty retirement party.”