Despite the fact that Rihanna (32) has not released new music for four years, the Barbadian is again in the Rich List of the British newspaper ‘The Times’ this year. The singer owes her third place, among other things, to her cosmetics line Fenty Beauty. RiRi is now expanding its collection.

“She wants to earn her millions in the beauty industry”

The ‘Umbrella’ singer already had some nourishing products in the range, such as a lip balm, lip scrub and blotting paper – so the branch is not completely new to her. According to the latest rumors, the singer would now have put her ninth studio album on the back burner to fully focus on the project. “She wants to make her millions in the beauty industry and is busy with a new skincare line,” a source told The Sun. “She realized that there is more money to be made in makeup than in music as record sales are declining.”

Rihanna has been setting up the collection for over a year, but it’s still a guesswork when the line launches. In March of 2019 she registered a number of names for her line and new products are added every day. For example, ‘Buff Ryder’, ‘Instant Reset’, ‘Fat Water’, ‘Flash Nap’ and ‘Hydra Vizor’ are all pre-set for use. 

In an interview with British Vogue , Rihanna admitted that she has full control over everything Fenty Beauty releases – from the names to the product descriptions. “I write all the texts for the websites, the product descriptions, product names, the names,” she said. “I have a huge team, but I don’t necessarily think their tone is mine. I would feel like a scammer selling something I can’t support.”

The pop star was last heard in 2017, on the song ‘Lemon’ by NERD. Her latest own album, ‘Anti’, was released in 2016. Rihanna’s fans have been asking for more music for years, but the singer focuses on the last time more on her own makeup line and fashion brand.