In recent months, 31-year-old Rihanna ( Rihanna) prefers overseas costumes , and in her personal blog she often puts pictures in underwear. The photo of the singer in a gentle feminine mini-dress surprised and delighted her subscribers.

The actress chose a dress with a zebra-striped print with ruffles on the bodice and skirt. To him she wore dark pantyhose and sandals with high heels. The singer decided to experiment with prints and made it , that usually is not recommended to repeat: Add a small clutch leopard.

Rihanna chose to leave her hair loose , and adorned her ears with openwork drop-shaped earrings. The image is complemented by a ring and a pair of massive bracelets.

” Little Pu , you’re the queen,” “no limit to perfection , but you’re close,” “I was not ready to see it – you hit me in the heart”, “No smiley is not able to describe , what I feel,” – noted the fans in comments.

Rihanna is often surprised subscribers with their images. Recently, the singer celebrated her birthday by posting a comic photo in a volume hoodie to a blog. And shortly before that, twice a day, she changed her oversight outfit to an even stranger image. But most often it appears with the advertisement of its own line of underwear.