The California police assume Naya Rivera died on Wednesday at the age of 33. The actress, best known for her role as Santana Lopez in Glee , was believed to have died on a boat trip with her four-year-old son. Her body has not yet been found.

Rivera rented a boat with her son Josey, but did not return. Her son was found alone on Lake Piru in California and told local authorities that his mother had jumped into the water, but never came back up.

The police searched for the actress with diving teams, but have not yet found her. A spokesperson said Friday (Dutch time) that they assume she drowned. The search therefore changes from a rescue mission to a recovery mission. The police hope to find her body and take it to her family.

Rivera came to the lake more often and was therefore familiar with the area. The boat was found in an area where people swim more often, the police have announced. However, the depths of the lake vary greatly in depth: from 1 meter it can suddenly go to 15 meters. No evidence has been found that she has reached the country anywhere.Volume 57%

Rivera was born on January 12, 1987 in Santa Clarita, California. At an early age, she was only eight months old, she had her first modeling job. In the years that followed, Rivera developed as an actress, model and singer, but her big break didn’t last until 2009, when she got a role in the series Glee .

The series, which revolved around a high school singing club, starred Rivera cheerleader Santana Lopez. Two years after the series started, she signed a record deal, then scored a hit in 2013 in the United States with the song Sorry , which she made with Big Sean.

Rivera has millions of streams on Spotify to her name through the series for her renditions of famous hits and classics.

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The actress and singer became engaged to rapper Big Sean in October 2013, but the two broke up before the marriage. A little over six months later, Rivera married, but with actor Ryan Dorsey, with whom she had previously been in a relationship. The two had son Josey together, but decided to split up in December 2017.

It was not easy: the actress was arrested for allegedly kicking and beating Dorsey during a fight two months before the divorce was announced. In the end, she was not prosecuted for the assault. Dorsey and Rivera opted for shared custody of their son and would have been friendly with each other in recent years.