At the beginning of this year, Bilal Wahib (22) was discredited because of a joke that got out of hand during a live session on Instagram. But after his acquittal at the beginning of this month, the singer and actor is now back. His debut album will be released soon and record label Top Notch will share a spectacular video on their social media.

“Who is ready for Bilal’s debut album?”

Last summer Bilal made his musical comeback with the song ‘Paranoia’. His debut album was ‘already somewhat finished’ this spring, he previously told RTL Boulevard. Because of the controversial video, he left the project alone for a while. But after a few final adjustments, the record is now ready to be released.

A lot is going on for the album, if we are to believe the first fragments of the album on Top Notch’s Instagram account. ‘Who is ready for Bilal’s debut album?’ writes the record label.



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Comments are pouring in below the video. Fans reacted enthusiastically to the announcement: ‘Horrible artist. He’s been going really fast since he got back,” one person wrote. Another praises the singer: ‘You can say what you want, but Bilal is a real hit machine at the moment. Look forward to this album.’

Top Notch stopped working with the singer earlier this year. Bilal was – to say the least – not amused, but has now resigned himself to it.