Will Smith slaps Chris Rock

Actor Will Smith – who won the Best Actor award at the Oscar 2022, rushed onto the stage of the Oscar 2022 ceremony and slapped his colleague Chris Rock in the face.

The detail of Will Smith rushing up to the stage and slapping his colleague Chris Rock in the face for daring to speak ill of his wife, has become the most memorable moment at the Oscars 2022.

When Chris Rock announced the documentary award, the comedian kept joking about the baldness of actress Jada Pinkett Smith – Will Smith’s wife. Actor King Richards was very angry and shouted. The organizers were forced to cut off Will Smith’s statements on television.

On Twitter, a video of Will Smith taking the stage slapping Chris Rock is going viral. In it, the actor warned Chris Rock not to mention his wife’s name anymore.


It is known that actress Jada Pinkett Smith has a hair loss problem and she once shared about this with the audience. Chris Rock’s bad joke was not accepted by Will Smith and he decided to punish the colleague who hurt his wife.

Chris Rock’s outrageous joking action and Will Smith’s strong hand made director Ahmir Thompson’s Oscar nomination for Best Documentary then awkward.

Also at the Oscars 2022, Will Smith received the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in the movie King Richard. In the film, he plays Richard Williams, the father of two Williams tennis sisters in the biopic King Richards. This is the third time Smith has received a nomination for starring in a biopic and the first time he has won an Oscar in his career.

The Oscar 2022 golden statue for Best Actor is a sweet achievement for a black actor after nearly four decades of dedication to the arts.

During his acceptance speech, Will Smith couldn’t hold back his tears. After thanking the character prototypes and the film crew, he also apologized for the incident that had just hit his colleague Chris Rock earlier. Before the Oscars 2022, he also won convincingly in the Best Actor category at the 2022 Golden Globes.