Last year, Thurman accused Tarantino of putting her in danger on the set.

Not so long ago, a video appeared on the web from the filming of the movie “Kill Bill”: in it, Uma was racing at the wheel of a car, but she was driving a car, and the actress crashed into a tree. The incident occurred in Mexico, after a collision Thurman received a neck and knee injury. According to her, before shooting, she was told that the car was faulty, but Quentin decided that Uma would do without a stunt man, and put her behind the wheel.

He said: “I give my word, the car is in order. And the stretch of road is straight, “

– quoted the director of the actress.

Thurman also told the New York Times about harassment by Harvey Weinstein. And although the accident greatly complicated the relationship between Uma and Quentin, the director helped her get a shot of the accident and also helped bring Weinstein to justice.

Despite the scandal and the media proceedings, it became clear that Uma and Quentin were able to maintain a relationship. Thurman’s daughter Maya Hawke made her debut in Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood film, which recently appeared together on a special screening. Uma posed for photographers in a black sweater with a flannel brown scarf and worn jeans, and Quentin flaunted in a black jacket, worn over an unbuttoned shirt, and trousers with arrows.