This week, the book of journalist Tom Bauer, dedicated to the British royal family, will be published. Excerpts from the new edition, which is already being told the fate of the bestseller, appeared today in the press. In these passages, the author draws attention to the difficult relationship of Queen Elizabeth II and Camilla Parker-Bowles. Bauer writes that after the death of Princess Diana, Prince Charles turned to his mother with a request to accept his beloved Camilla, but met a determined rebuff. 

After a few glasses of martini, the queen surprised her son with her answer. She said that she would not condone his adultery and would not forgive Camilla for not leaving him alone, thus preventing his relationship with Diana from getting better. The Queen said that she does not want anything to do with her (with Camilla)
– the author of the book wrote and added that the Queen called Camilla “an immoral woman.”


Clouds over Charles and Camilla a little scattered after the death of his grandmother, who was also skeptical about this novel. As a result, the couple legalized their relationship in 2005, but without disputes, it did not happen even then, as Bauer writes. On the eve of the marriage ceremony, Queen Elizabeth II did not invite Camille to official receptions and even hinted that there was very little Welsh gold left when Charles asked jewelers to make a ring for the bride.