US publisher Bethesda does not close the door when Quake Champions arrives on PS4, Xbox One and even Switch.

Exclusively available on PC, and now free-to-play, Quake Champions could in the near future arrive on home consoles, even if they will have to ensure a good framerate to enjoy the best of the FPS Bethesda: ” Everything is in the mouse input sampling, to be certain that the refresh rate of your monitor is fast enough (…) The difference between 30 and 60 fps is huge, but even between 60 and 120, it is remarkable (…) We want to make sure we reach as many people as possible. You can lower the visual specifications and have a decent game at the lowest settings. But we want it to shine on the right machines. 

Joshua Boyle, Quake’s community manager, took advantage of the 2018 edition of the QuakeCon to confirm once again that nothing is denied in Bethesda’s different teams, id Software and ZeniMax, but that we need to be patient and especially to find the good solutions to arrive at an exit of Quake Champions on consoles: “It’s not just PC master race, but the number of images, the game must work like that. On mobiles, consoles or all these things, it is certainly something that is never out of the question. But we have not planned to announce anything soon. I feel that in recent years, consoles have come so far. The fact that the Switch is a magnified smartphone capable of running the 2016 DOOM a year and a half later, we are living a great time. I bought a $ 2,000 PC two years ago to play this game in good conditions, and I’m not sorry to see how it turns on Switch. 

A trailer for the free-to-play version of Quake Champions

” Our free-to-play test at E3 2018 saw more than a million players come to test their skills on Quake Champions, and the feedback we received from our community helped us a lot. to reach this milestone: the launch of our new free version for all , “said Tim Willits, director of id Software Studio. “Quake Champions brings all the intensity of good gameplay and action based on the talent that millions of fans have loved for decades, as well as new additions and twists, while being available to all and fully free. And there’s no better place to launch the Quake Champions Free than the QuakeCon, which brings together thousands of our most enthusiastic fans and features a major e-sports tournament with the best FPS players in the world.