Hundreds of people demonstrated in London and Berlin, on Sunday, in solidarity with protesters in the United States, for the killing of an African American citizen, George Floyd, by a policeman in Minneapolis.

The protesters knelt on their knees in the “Trafalgar Square” or “Trafalgar Square” in central London, chanting “No justice .. no peace”, and then they passed by the parliament headquarters until they reached the American embassy.

Several hundred protesters also participated in a march outside the US embassy in Berlin, holding up the banners “Retribution for George Floyd”, “Stop killing us” and “Who will break his neck.”

The killing of George Floyd during his arrest on Monday sparked protests in the United States fueled by the underlying anger of racial prejudice in the US criminal justice system.

Some of the demonstrations turned violent with demonstrators closing traffic, setting fire to, and clashing with the police, individuals including tear gas and plastic bullets fired to restore order.

As tension escalated in many parts of the country, US President Donald Trump announced that the military was ready to intervene swiftly to deter unrest associated with violence toward demonstrators, accusing “extremist leftists” of being behind the riots.

Donald Trump called on local states in the states to be more strict in dealing with them, threatening to use “unlimited military force” if necessary.

And previously published more than 10 US states, the most recent of which is the District of Columbia, which hosts the capital, Washington, the National Guard forces to deal with the protests and riots that broke out in the country.