The prosecutors in the case against R. Kelly will face a new sex tape. Attorney of the victims Michael Avenatti will submit this as evidence, so he will inform RTL Boulevard and his Twitter.

“Justice will prevail”

The lawyer says: “I can confirm that we will submit a second video this morning to the plaintiffs in which R. Kelly can be seen (…) This tape was recently discovered in our ongoing investigation on behalf of the victims. . ”

The singer is currently suspect in an abuse case. The images would show how R. Kelly has sex with a minor girl. She was also seen in an earlier tape. Michael Avenatti also previously assisted Story Daniel in the case against President Donald Trump. He is currently also getting a third video in his hands to submit as evidence.  

R. Kelly is suspected of having abused women for years. Some victims have told their story in the documentary Surviving R. Kelly. The singer was on trial for the first time last Saturday. He has set a $ 1 million deposit for his freedom.