As long as Barbara Broccoli produces James Bond’s films, the lead role will not be played by a woman, the producer says in an interview with Variety .

Later this year the newest film in the James Bond series, titled No Time To Die, will be released. It will be the last film in the series with Daniel Craig in the lead.

Craig took on the role of the British secret agent four times before. The first time was at Casino Royal from 2006.

Broccoli indicates that she is looking for a successor and that it can have any skin color. It is certain that Craig’s successor will not be a woman.

“I think we need to create new characters for women – strong female characters. I don’t think it is interesting to let a woman play the role of a man. Women are much more interesting than that,” explains Broccoli.

She has been producing the James Bond films since the 1990s with her brother Michael G. Wilson.

No Time To Die will be in cinemas from April.