Despite the fact that Nick Jonas is a solid solo artist, the glory of the boy from the popular boyfriend Jonas Brothers does not give him rest. His wife, Priyanka Chopra, was also guided by public opinion when their relationship began and did not even suspect that her lover would surprise her so much! 36-year-old Indian actress did not even think that she would become the wife of Jonas! 

Chopra visited the Tina Brown 10th Annual Women’s Summit, where she talked about her relationship and how Nick opened up on the other side. “I knew him for two years. I didn’t even think that everything would be just like that, which is purely my mistake. I appreciated the book on the cover, ”Priyanka said. “And when I started dating Nick, he surprised me a lot!” A month later, the couple will celebrate a year of relationship, so the star opened even more, telling about the nickname that came up with her lover! “I call him Old Man Jonas.” Despite the fact that Nick is 10 years younger than his wife, she considers him to be very adult and balanced. Nick is very wise, as the actress says, unlike her. Priyanka is a daredevil and does not deny himself of his sometimes crazy desires, which Jonas helps him to sensibly understand. He constantly supports it. 

But further – more interesting. Priyanka told an interesting story that happened on one of the first dates of stars. It was this incident that helped Chopra understand how smart and sensible Nick is. The actress had to leave the date because of a business meeting. In fact, Priyanka did not want to leave, and in every possible way hinted at the guy to ask him to cancel the meeting. “Finally, he took me away and said:“ Hey, I’m not an idiot. I see what you are trying to achieve, but I will never be the one who will tell you to refuse work. I know how hard it was for you to become what you are. Therefore, if you could cancel the meeting, you would cancel. I will take our friends for dinner, we will wait and you will join us when you are free. ” Priyanka was so surprised and delighted by Jonas that they got engaged after two months of relationships! In December, the couple played a gorgeous wedding, which lasted almost a week. The event took place according to the traditions of the two peoples. “I knew that the wedding would last three days, because the wedding according to Indian traditions requires a preparatory period (rituals),” Chopra told about the wedding. Magnificent event flew a lot of money because of the speed of events. Priyanka confirmed that it might have been worth spending a little more time preparing. The difference in the age of a couple does not care at all, but on the contrary – Nick likes older women. “Nick likes to date a girl older.” This makes Priyanka only more attractive to him. ”