Prince Harry (36) is said to be scratching his head after the much-discussed interview with Oprah Winfrey (67), which he did with his wife Meghan (39). That’s what Duncan Larcombe, writer of a biography of the prince, claims. He states that Harry acted out of frustration and now cannot go back.

“I have no doubt that once he got home, he felt ashamed and uncomfortable”

Duncan says he knows Harry well and describes him in an interview with Closer Magazine  as a ‘hot-headed’. Harry would often act quite impulsive and would have flown at him himself after a misunderstanding. “He’s a hot-headed man and he acts out of his emotions,” he says. He would have done the same when he agreed to the interview with Oprah, in which he and his wife claimed that Charles and William were ‘trapped’ in ‘The Firm’ and accused the family of racism.

Harry was obviously hurt and angry about Meghan’s experience with the royals and used the interview to throw it out. But I have no doubt that once he got home he felt ashamed and uncomfortable. He now has to deal with the consequences. believe he regrets the interview, and perhaps his decision to bid farewell to the royal family. ”

Harry recently decided to close the royal gates behind him together with Meghan. Yet he would again seek rapprochement with the royals in England, says Marc van der Linden: