Prince Harry and Meghan ask Spotify to make changes to the platform to combat disinformation. A spokesperson for their production company Archewell Audio shares this in a statement. Last week there was a fuss about the platform, because disinformation about the corona virus would be spread.

Harry and Meghan signed a multi-million dollar deal with Spotify in late 2020 to create podcasts that “help build community through shared experiences, stories and values.” The couple are “determined” to “continue” the work together, the statement reads, but ask the platform to make changes.

Harry and Meghan are said to have interacted with the platform as early as April last year to express their “concern about the all-too-real impact of misinformation about COVID-19 on the platform”. They say to keep doing that.

Last month, 270 doctors and scientists signed an open letter asking Spotify to limit the “spreading of misinformation” on the platform. In that letter, the podcast was called The Joe Rogan Experience .

In this much-listened podcast by Joe Rogan, untruths about the corona virus are regularly passed by. Canadian singer Neil Young also criticized the podcast and had his music removed from the platform. Singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell , among others , followed suit.