Thursday, July 4, actress Shay Mitchell shared a video in which she learns the sex of her baby. And the least we can say is that the ad was epic!

Actress Shay Mitchell decided to do things her way. A few days after announcing to be pregnant , the ex-comedienne of Pretty Little Liars posted a rather amazing video. After having an appointment with her doctor, Shay Mitchell and her companion have chosen to reveal the sex of their baby … by power rangers ! Installed at the edge of their pool, they squarely witnessed a memorable fight.

On one side: a blue power ranger. The other ? A rose. After several minutes of fighting – which ended with the water – it was finally the second that won. Shay Mitchell and her companion will soon become the happy parents of a little girl! And obviously, they are delighted with this news. It was on her Instagram account that she revealed her pregnancy by sharing a photo of her topless, revealing her imposing baby bump. “Does that mean I’m allowed to drive in the carpool lane anytime now?” , amused the future mother in legend of this shot.

“Watching you both grow up in the last six months has been the most wonderful thing in the world, the strength, vulnerability and grace you’ve shown during this pregnancy amazed me, you’ll be an amazing mother .. We are lucky to have you, I love you, “ wrote the host, Matte Babel . For her first pregnancy to be memorable, Shay Mitchell decided to make it … a series! His fans will discover his preparation until his delivery from July 17, in the Almost Ready show that will be posted on YouTube.