On November 21, 37-year-old Megan Markle unexpectedly even appeared for the most loyal fans of the British royal family at a previously unannounced event. The pregnant Duchess of Sussex paid a visit to the founders of the Hubb Community Kitchen community, in collaboration with whom she released a cookbook Two Together: Our Community Cookbook (Together: Our Community Cookbook) two months ago.

After meeting with the women from the organization and exchanging the latest news with them, the wife of Prince Harry, dressed in a wine-colored coat, the dress of the same shade and elegant ankle boots, immediately went to the communal kitchen, where she started cooking together with everyone.


Markle, who will soon become her mother for the first time, helped the founders of Hubb Community Kitchen to make several oriental dishes that were intended for 200 of the needy – the homeless, the elderly and refugees. The menu on that day was chicken in Persian, Fatteh with lamb in Egyptian and rice with barberry.

In the process of preparing dishes, Herzitsin Sussex asked the women in the community how a successful start in selling a cookbook (40 thousand copies of the book were sold in two months and generated about 269 thousand dollars) affected their lives.


The founders of Hubb Community Kitchen thanked Megan Markle for their support in launching the collection, and also admitted that the proceeds helped them to completely remake the kitchen and increase the time of its work. Thanks to the sale of books, women from the community were also finally able to start their own projects in various fields.