The 29-year-old model Emily Ratzkowski, who announced her pregnancy two days ago , now looks to be increasingly seen in public. Hiding its position for the first months, the star now openly comes out into the light, proudly showing a rounded belly.

Yesterday she was filmed again on a walk in New York. In public, she appeared in a classic beige coat, blue jeans tucked into stiletto heels, and a white silk blouse, the bottom buttons of which she unbuttoned, exposing her belly.

As the star admitted, future motherhood does not scare her at all. On the contrary, she is more calm than ever. The only thing she worries about is how to properly raise a child in the current world.

Emily shared her thoughts on this in a recently published essay on motherhood. Ratajkowski explained that she and her husband Sebastian Bier-McClard decided not to recognize the baby’s gender, since, in their opinion, he would choose his own gender in the future. Her task as a mother is not to impose gender stereotypes on the child.

I want to be a parent who will let the child show himself to me,- she noted.

Now the star is exactly in the middle of its “pregnant path”. She celebrated 20 weeks of pregnancy with a series of nude pictures on Instagram. The star admits that she is getting to know her new body and is learning a lot from the person inside herself.