Given the tragic events of the past, in the USA the rental of the Joker will receive special attention from law enforcement officers.

The release of the Joker in a wide rental will be accompanied by increased security measures. Los Angeles police called on the public to pay particular attention to possible signs of danger when visiting theaters. Recall that in 2012, during the premiere of the movie “The Dark Knight” in Colorado, someone James Holmes, as if inheriting the Joker, opened fire on spectators gathered in the hall. 12 people died, another 70 were injured, including serious ones.

A police statement reads:

The Los Angeles Police Department is aware of public concern, as well as the historical implications of the Joker premiere. Although no apparent threats were found in the Los Angeles area, the department will be vigilant in showing the movie in movie theaters.

While the general public will be able to watch the Joker from October 3-4, last Saturday the picture was presented at a closed screening in Hollywood, while journalists were not allowed on the red carpet.

After the furor at the last Venice Joker festival, Todd Phillips became perhaps the most anticipated film of the year. The main role in it was played by Joaquin Phoenix, known for his painstaking approach to the roles played. Preparing to play the Joker, the actor for eight months studied various mental disorders, and also watched a video with a laugh of crazy people.

The acting work of the Phoenix was appreciated. So, Empire Online columnist Terry White wrote:

Comparisons of [Phoenix] with Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson are inappropriate here. This is the Joker, as we have never seen before.

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