Thieves have tried to save a salad from the clinic admission of Demi Lovato. According to TMZ, the police in Los Angeles prevented a burglary in the singer’s home.

The criminals were arrested at the beginning of the month in another case. That was just after it became known that Demi had been discharged from the hospital and was transferred to a rehab clinic.

During the investigation into the gang, the police encountered communication indicating that they were targeting the temporarily uninhabited home of the singer in the Hollywood Hills. Demi’s villa was monitored by the police in the weeks following the arrest.

The 26-year-old singer was transported to the hospital with an ambulance at the end of July after an overdose of drugs, presumably heroin. Demi has been struggling with addictions and mental problems for years. This spring she released the song Sober, in which she confessed that after years of being sober, she had gone missing again.