Authorities have asked the singer to wait until the investigation is over.

Lady Gaga has yet to pay the $ 500,000 reward she promised whoever returned her two French bulldogs when they were stolen last month.

She has not paid yet because authorities have asked the singer to wait until the investigation into the pet theft is over.

That’s because police believe the dog theft may be part of the start of a gang in Los Angeles, and the woman who found the dogs, allegedly tied to a post in a dead end, has yet to be exonerated. sources told TMZ’s website.

“Officers told Gaga not to pay the reward she offered, unless they determine that the dog locator was not involved in the crime. They said that the officers did not believe that the woman was part of the kidnapping, but that they are trying to find out if she had any involvement after the robbery, ”explains an informant.

“They don’t know if she is involved, but they are investigating. They said that Gaga is more than willing to pay the woman if she is released by the police ”, justifies the source.

According to the post, his dog trainer Ryan Fischer still needs to clarify what actually happened that night, because the dogs were already inside the criminals’ car when they returned and shot the man.

For the police, choosing to shoot Ryan even though they already had the dogs is a clear example of gang initiation theory.