Parental control all there is more official

Pokémon Go will have been the summer 2016 event app with an impressive media tide. A game placing the player in the skin of a trainer and simply allowing to capture creatures in real life, moving with a GPS system and augmented reality. This technology makes it possible to reveal the pokémons through the prism of the camera of the smartphone, making its gameplay striking. Of course, there is still a large community around Pokémon Go, including children who can very easily no longer count hours. Faced with this problem, Niantic, developer of the game, simply decided to set up a parental control.

Master the playing time of the youngest


This is the stated goal of Niantic for young players spending too much time glued to their smartphones to capture creatures. It’s through a post Twitter that Pokémon Go explained the upcoming deployment of a parental control to control this time of play. Niantic, developer of the hit, explains that parents will have to register on Niantic Kids to benefit from this service. . For the moment, nothing explicit on the form of the control that will be able to exert the killers of the young players.

Note that this new feature, showing Niantic’s interest in measuring gaming time, was designed alongside SuperAwesome’s Kids Web Services and its kidSAFE Seal label. The whole thing has been ESRB Privacy certified, making this whole thing rather formal.

It remains to be seen if other successful game developers, with a relatively young part of their community, will follow Niantic’s footsteps. One can think of the studios behind hits like PUBG or Fortnite.