It has been more than twenty years since the premiere of Blade, one of the first movie comics about an anti-hero with a rating of R. Spectators provided box-office success and fell in love with Wesley Snipes as Eric Brooks. After so many years, there are several reasons to wait for the Blade to return to the screens: a series of remakes and restarts, Disney’s own stream-platform from the studio, where superhero series will be released, as well as Ali Maherschal, who looks amazing in sunglasses, with a katana and fangs.

Artist BossLogic published a new art with an Oscar-winning actor in the image of Blade. According to him, he was inspired by the character of Mahershala in the film “Alita: Fighting Angel”. Vector, like Blade, wears all black and wears sunglasses. According to BossLogic, Ali could have created a more excitable and less depressive version of Eric Brooks, he would have more tattoos on his body, and a smile might flicker on his face. The actor showed himself well both on television and in movies, so fans could be calm about the image of the anti-hero on the screens.

Mahershala has already appeared in the marvel of the Universe Marvel in the role of the Great Morning villain in the first season of “Luke Cage”, but the show was closed. There is not even a rumor that the Blade is being restarted with the new cast, however, if this happens, they could tell the antihero a new story in the format of the series on the Disney streaming or full-length film under a separate brand for R-rated tapes. Weisley Snipes created a terrific image of Eric Brooks, but the actor this year will be 57 years old, so waiting for him to return to the role is meaningless.