Halloween is not long before, but some are already imbued with the spirit of the holiday. Camila and Sean decided to mock the paparazzi and appeared on the street in unusual costumes.

Sean put on a scary mask of a child, and Camila decided to try on the head of a unicorn. She even posed for the cameras, showing off her new look. At the same time, the couple was in completely ordinary clothes: Cabello chose a beautiful black dress for a walk, and Mendes chose simple black trousers and a blue T-shirt.

Many suspect the stars that their romance is a PR move and in fact there is nothing serious between Camila and Sean. In one of her interviews, Camila admitted that she did not want to let everyone into her personal life. She believes that a relationship should remain between two people. Perhaps that is why the couple prefers to mock the paparazzi.

They often play a trick on all their dissatisfied relationships. Sean and Camila recently responded to critics who accused them of kissing strangely. The lovers deliberately posted a video on Instagram where they tried to kiss for a long time and unsuccessfully. But, despite all the jokes, in an interview Mendes made it clear that everything was serious between them. You can have fun as much as you want, but when it comes to meeting your parents, they begin to relate to everything far from childish. Sean confirmed Camila’s words and said that he also did not want to flaunt the relationship.