Pharrell Williams made a huge surprise to the 114 students who graduated this year from the Promise Academy in Harlem. During his end-of-year speech to the “charter school” (public private schools often located in disadvantaged neighborhoods), the singer announced that he would offer each of the young people present in front of him an internship in a leading company to help them get into the world of work.

“The world is watching Harlem. But this Renaissance is going to be different. And believe it or not, I say it with respect, it will be better. Because in the heart of the Harlem Renaissance, there is now education, “promised Happy’s interpreter in a shared video on Instagram .

Pharrell Williams and school officials worked together to offer each student an internship that will serve as a springboard for his career in areas that interest him. They will have access after the end of their first year of college. This is not the first time Pharrell Williams has committed to education.

Last April, Billboard  revealed that the singer was partnering with Verizon and its foundation to provide better access to advanced technologies in underprivileged schools.