The actor rented a movie theater in his hometown and gave tickets to those who said they were his friends.

While The Suicide Squad was released for broadcast on HBO Max, Pete Davidson is going the extra mile to encourage fans to see the summer blockbuster in theaters.

The 27-year-old rented his hometown theater on New York’s Staten Island to host two free Saturday night screenings of the DC Comics movie.

On Instagram, the theater announced that the Saturday Night Live star made the offer, urging fans to rush to the movies.

According to People, people wanting to see the movie had to show up at the 7:20 PM or 8:00 PM screenings and say they are “friends of Pete” in order to take advantage of the free offer.

Tickets cannot be reserved in advance and people will have to start lining up at 5:00 pm.

Meanwhile, theater owner Gregg Scarola praised the actor for contributing to the business that has since gone downhill due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It was Pete’s idea, he reached out to us to tell us he wanted to give back to the community,” he told SI Live.

“This is a type of movie that should be seen on the big screen. We have our best screens and auditoriums ready to go. “