David French is sure that he was unfairly cheated of the fee.

The translator of books by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski into English is preparing a lawsuit against Netflix. It is reported by the Spider’s web portal .

Henry Cavill, “The Witcher” (2019) Credit: James Minchin / Netflix / The Hollywood Archive

In French’s opinion, the company used his work when writing the script for the first season of The Witcher, but did not mention the name of the translator in the credits. David French backed up his words with evidence in the form of tweets from series writer Lauren Schmidt Hissrick. She posted photos of Sapkowski’s books in French’s translation.

The potential plaintiff was counting on a reward from Netflix, because it is he who owns the copyright for the English-language versions of the novels and stories about the Witcher Geralt of Rivia. In addition, David French is concerned about the ethical issue of the “invisibility” of translators.

“I contacted Tomasz Baginski myself from [visual effects studio – Approx. Ed.] Platige Image to contact me Lauren Schmidt, showrunner of the series. However, after exchanging several messages, nothing happened, ”said the translator, who has already sent a claim to the Netflix headquarters.