Paul McCartney will release McCartney III on December 11 , the third album he has made in his own home studio in Sussex. The 78-year-old Brit recorded his new music during a lockdown, he says in an interview with Loud and Quiet Magazine .

McCartney himself handled all facets of the production, including playing the instruments. He recorded his vocals while playing the guitar and piano parts and later supplemented the songs with bass guitar and drums.

“This album is about making the music purely for myself, rather than having a purpose already set,” McCartney explains. “So I did what I wanted. I didn’t know in advance that there would be a new album.”

The new album is mainly about “freedom and love”, says the artist. It is the third time that he makes an album without the help of others. He did so for the first time in 1970 and produced McCartney II ten years later .

McCartney was one of the members of The Beatles, who split in 1970. The Brit has made 25 studio albums so far.