In a new documentary series, which will be broadcast on YouTube from September 14, Paris Hilton confides on this trauma she suffered as a teenager and which she has never dared to talk to anyone.

In a documentary-event, Paris Hilton confides in her childhood and opens up on subjects she had never mentioned before. This documentary series called This is Paris will be broadcast exclusively on YouTube Originals . As she reveals to People , July 21, 2020, Paris Hilton is preparing to evoke years of “ psychological violence ” that she suffered as a teenager in a boarding school in the state of Utah.

” I’m nervous. I’m shaking. It’s hard to eat, because my stomach is completely turned over. I don’t know… it’s something very personal and I don’t like to talk about it. Nobody . do not really know who I am, “she lamented, without saying more about this traumatic event. ” Something happened in my childhood and I never talked about it, with anyone. I always have nightmares about it, ” continues Paris Hilton, in this sort of teaser for her documentary.

School harassment ? Family drama? For now, we will not know more. Only the synopsis of the documentary series tells us a little more about this trauma. “This is Paris looks back at the hidden past of the international icon. As Paris grapples with the devastating trauma that has forged who she is today, this portrait tells the true story of a desperate teenage girl trying to make her escape, “says the summary of the series.

Nicky, Paris’s sister , and their mother Kathy Hilton are also expected to appear in the series. It is not yet known if Kim and Kyle Richards ( Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ) will testify there.

We will have to wait until September 14, 2020, the documentary’s release date, to find out what Paris Hilton is talking about.