Paris Hilton has referred rumors about a return of the series The Simple Life to the realm of fables. The hotel heiress tells on Twitter that she is far too busy for a sixth season of the reality show.

“There is nothing true”

On Tuesday a ‘verified’ Twitter account from The Simple Life surfaced, suggesting that the series returned. A number of tweets suggested that Lindsay Lohan was involved in the project. Twitter later deleted the account.

“Someone created a fake account and spread this The Simple Life rumor,” Paris said. “There is nothing true. Yes, I loved that show and I was approached to do it again. But I had to say no because I have an extremely full schedule because I travel the world to lead my business empire.”

The Simple Life started in 2003. In the reality show, the rich girls Paris and Nicole Richie had to manage without financial support. They took on jobs in the series as hotel cleaners, fast food staff and farm workers. The reality show ended in 2007.