Hotel Hilton Paris Hilton is expanding its business with an app that delivers hairdressers and make-up artists to the door. Via the app, customers can immediately make an appointment at home for the same day. Kind of like the Uber taxi service, but then for beauty. 

Paris is fully convinced that ‘Glam App’ will be a big hit, because it is a gap in the market. “I’ve been using the app for four years, and she has made booking my beauty appointments so easy. Now I want to sell that service myself. ”So she pumped a lot of money – the amount is unknown so far – into the service in exchange for a share in the profit. “I believe that this is the future of the beauty world. With one push of a button you have beautiful hair, beautiful makeup or new nails in no time, and that is all done in your own living room. I make it a priority to invest in companies that I really believe in. “

“Glam App is also growing fast,” she says. “Meanwhile, the service is already available in 23 different countries.” The company’s founder is makeup artist  Joey Maalouf, a favorite among celebs. He is planning to add other A-list caregivers to the Glam App list so that everyone can receive VIP treatment, such as Paris.