This week, Public unveils the exclusive salary of all candidates of the ninth season of “Dance with the stars”. And it’s heavy!

This is the information that went around the media planet last week. According to many publications, Pamela Anderson would have agreed to participate in the ninth season of Danse with the stars against a check of 300 000 euros. A plump sum that is far enough away from reality. Indeed, the companion Adil Rami was much more greedy when negotiating his contract! 


According to our exclusive information, Pamela Anderson actually receives 400,000 euros, 25% more than the first amount announced. Unsurprisingly, this is the biggest stamp ever touched by a star on DALS  in France. To that we must add 2,000 euros per prime time. Suffice to say that the former star of Alert Malibu has any interest in shining during the show.

But it’s not just Pamela Anderson who has had to be persuaded by the production. The other candidates also receive substantial sums to walk the floor of the show. Thus, the singer Lio cashed a check for 70,000 euros (+ 1,500 euros per premium), enough to pay a lot of banana-split!

If you want to know the stamps touched by Iris Mittenaere (and worth it), Vincent Moscato, Basil Boli, Carla Ginola and all the other candidates of DALS 9, go tomorrow on newsstands to get your brand new Public magazine.