Pamela Anderson has posted an extensive message on her social media channel in which she says that her relationship with Olympique Marseille player Adil Rami was “a lie.” The message shows that the footballer has cheated.

“The last two years of my life were one big lie,” Anderson says in a post on Instagram . “I was cheated and I was made to believe that we were in love with each other.”

Anderson (51) has found out that the 33-year-old Rami led a double life. “He called fellow footballers who cheating monsters. But this is even worse. He lied to everyone.”

The report shows that the French Rami would have a loved one besides Anderson. “And I’m sure there were others. He’s the monster here.”

“This is my worst nightmare,” Anderson continues. “I wasn’t jealous until I met him. I’m glad I found out the truth, but it hurts so much.”

Rami has not yet responded to the allegations.