A 23-year-old Palestinian was killed by Israeli shots today, during demonstrations and skirmishes along the border between Gaza and Israel. This is what the Ministry of Health reports on the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian was shot at the east of Rafah and was hit at the head. This is what Achraf al-Qodra, a spokesman for the ministry, reports. 

According to the spokesman, at least 45 Palestinians, including two women and 15 children, were injured in these skirmishes. The Gaza Strip is owned by Hamas. It is already the fiftieth Friday in a row that Palestinians come to the streets along the border with Israel. The Israeli army reported that 8,400 Palestinians took part in protests at various locations along the border.  

Some did so violently, according to various media. A spokesman for the army reports no details about the death of the Palestinian. He could already report that the soldiers have “shot back according to the procedures”. In these weekly protests, at least 253 Palestinians have already perished, the majority along the border. Two soldiers were killed on the Israeli side.