The British authorities are suing three men arrested after the heavy explosion in Leicester. These include the owner of the exploded shop, the newspaper Leicester Mercury reports. The trio is suspected of manslaughter and arson.

The blast destroyed a Polish store and a parent house last Sunday. At least five people lost their lives. The 33-year-old owner  Aram Kurd from the Polish supermarket told journalists earlier that he was in the store during the explosion. He told himself to have come out of the rubble,  writes the local newspaper.

The police arrested five men in the aftermath of the explosion, three of whom have now been charged. They appear in court on Monday. Two others are still being interrogated. The police have called on the public not to speculate about the cause of the explosion in order not to jeopardize the investigation.

Earlier in the British media reports that the owner would run an illegal distillery in the store, which would have led to the explosion.