Owen Wilson Reveals his mother married at 80

True love can come even in retirement. Owen Wilson has revealed that his mother, Laura, got married at 80.

My mother recently married at the age of 80, and for a very good man. I think it’s a very romantic story, proving that love can be found at any age… It’s a very nice story.

He also admitted that he considers himself “somewhat romantic” and appreciates good romantic stories. The actor did not disclose the name of Laura’s new husband and his occupation.

Owen Wilson Reveals his mother married at 80

Now Wilson’s mother is 82 years old. She was married to television personality Robert Wilson for 54 years, until her husband’s death in 2017. In addition to Owen, two more sons were born in the marriage – actors Luke Wilson and Andrew Wilson.

Owen Wilson himself, despite the fact that he considers himself romantic, has never been married, although he had many novels. This did not prevent the actor from becoming a father: he has three children – sons Robert and Finn and daughter Layla. The birth of Laila was preceded by a scandal: Wilson insisted on a DNA test, as he broke up with his girlfriend Varuni Vongsvirates even before it became known about her pregnancy. According to Vongsvirates, in three years, Wilson never visited his daughter.

On the screens, Owen is still the hero of romantic comedies. On February 10, the film “First Passer” was released with the participation of Wilson. According to the plot, the main character, pop diva Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez), catches her boyfriend Bastian (Colombian singer Maluma) in treason. Their grandiose wedding breaks down and Valdes decides to marry the “first comer” – an ordinary mathematics teacher Charlie Gilbert (Wilson), who came to her concert quite by accident.