An avid bachelor Owen Wilson once again became a father! This is the third child, which for the actor give birth to different girls. Not one of the girls Wilson did not marry but takes children.
The 34-year-old business development manager at the Varuni Vongsvirates Medical Center gave birth to a girl and called her Laila. Immediately recognize the daughter of the actor did not want. According to Us Weekly, in June of this year, Wilson agreed to take a DNA test, which gave a positive result. The actor said he was ready to take full responsibility for the child. The actor already has two sons from different women – seven-year-old Robert Ford, who was born by air traffic safety officer Jay Dowell, and four-year-old Finn Wilson from ballerina and fitness trainer Caroline Lindquist. The second son of the actor gave birth to Jade Dwell. Caroline, a native of Sweden, the mother of the child, began to cooperate with Wilson in 2012. Now it became known that she had divorced not so long before the event with her husband, a famous plastic surgeon Dr. Rita Chopra. Immediately rumors spread that she made the decision to divorce, having learned about her pregnancy from the actor. It is also known that the romantic relationship between a Hollywood actor and Caroline is not, and is not expected. However, Owen did not abandon the child. He has friendly relations with Caroline and is committed to helping her and her little son. In October 2013, Caroline told one of the publications: “Owen and I decided to have a baby, even if there is no relationship between us. And by the way, we do not plan them in the future. We are just very close friends and look forward to the appearance of our baby in January next year. ” In the same interview, Caroline denied rumors that her pregnancy was the cause of a divorce with her husband, and even stated that Owen was never her client. A source close to Lindquist said: “They do not live together, but Owen is free to come at any time. He often visits her and asks the doctor about the state of health of Caroline and their newborn son. ”