Selma Blair in October was stunned by fans with news of her incurable disease. It turns out that the 46-year-old actress has been suffering from multiple sclerosis for 15 years. Four months after the recognition, Blair was first published, she became an honorary guest of the annual Vanity Fair dinner, organized by the famous publication in honor of the Oscar nominees.

The star of “Cruel Games” and the series “American History of Crimes” looked amazing, only the cane on which the actress relied while walking reminded of health problems. The company Selma Blair was her friend and colleague Shonda Rimes.

“I’m already here! With Shonda Rimes at Vanity Fair Evening. My congratulations to all the amazing talents, ”the actress signed a joint selfie with Reims.

Recall that in the fall, Selma Blair published a long post on Instagram, in which she had the courage not only to confess her ailment, to thank all the people – from producers to costumers who help her every day, but also inspire hope to those doomed.

“I am now in the thick of events, and I believe that I can give hope to others. And to myself. You will not get help if you do not ask for it. Initially, it is very unsettling. But I want to move on. I want to play with my son again, take a walk along the street, ride a horse. I have multiple sclerosis, but I’m fine. But if you see me throwing shit all over the street, feel free to help me pick it up. One I have to do this all day. Thank you, and may we all have white stripes in a string of blacks, ”the actress wrote.