Each groom has his own approach to choosing wedding rings: some prefer unique design creations, others choose family jewelery, and still others pay attention only to the size of precious stones. But Orlando Bloom, judging by the latest news, can be attributed to all three of these types. After the news of the engagement with Katy Perry, attentive fans of the couple noticed that the ring of the singer is very similar to what Bloom had once presented to Miranda Kerr.

In 2010, Orlando Bloom made an offer to the Australian model, giving her a diamond ring in the shape of a flower. It came to mind to fans and journalists when Katy Perry on Instagram showed a jewel with a large purple diamond in the center and eight small stones around it. Although the rings are really very similar in shape and differ only in color, WP Diamonds president Andrew Brown told E! News that they are completely different. “Katy’s ring is incredible, unique and very valuable. It is estimated at $ 5 million, ”Brown said. According to him, a gift for Miranda cost Bloom around 65 thousand dollars.

Orlando may just be to a certain style, but Cathy’s ring corresponds to her bright, eccentric way. Recall for both this is the second engagement. Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr were married in 2011 and divorced after three years of family life. And Katy Perry spent in marriage with Russell Brand only 14 months.